Hello there.
I'm Sabine. A 17 year old girl that stans Dianna Agron more than anyone else. I'll always ship and love Achele the most. Rivergron and Morgron are my guilty, not so guilty, pleasure. I have a so called love/hate relationship with Glee, a love/why am I even watching this relationship with Pretty Little Liars, and I love Orange Is The New Black. I like to sit down and think about Dianna, and what she would be doing this very moment, which is probably something extremely weird. I have way too many ships, so don't even bother trying to keep on track.
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Me: *listening to music on laptop*

Straight Friend: "so whatcha listening to? hardcore metal, bro? classic rock?"

Me: *nervous sweats*


"yeah totally"

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dianna agron - march 5, 2010
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